Trigger is unable to activate lasers

My system:

Top-right: Two game overlay buttons which start and stop a repeater

Repeater: Every 1 second, activates the trigger and the counter

The lasers: Every laser activates on signal of a numbered channel (e.g. 1) and deactivates on the number after it

The counter: Increments on every repeater pulse while updating a number property called Laser Index (found in the bottom right), up to 25 after which it resets itself

The trigger: Broadcasts on a channel which has the same name as the current Laser Index (for example, if the counter (which = Laser Index) is on 7, it will send a signal on the channel called 7, which activates the 7th laser and deactivates the 6th laser)

Trigger code: Broadcast Message on Channel(Get Property(“Laser Index”))

When I start the game, the lasers are not visible and do not activate

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umm im not great but because no one has helped but what are these lasers going to do turn off when you approch them by passing through a zone or do they flash on and off

I think you have over thought this, all you need is one trigger, and 2 wire repaters. then wire the trigger to the repeaters and wire to repeaters to the lasers. That’s it. It should activate them when pressed by the trigger. Let me know if that works or not.

The repeater needs to trigger the trigger, not activate it.

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but if you just have a repeater from the trigger, it will activate all the lasers on one click. So why have it before?

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The counter changes a property, and they’re using concatenation with that property.

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oh, ok. I still don’t understand exactly why its that complicated.

It shouldn’t be that complicated, but it still works… Wire repeaters with delays should be less memory.

Then that’s why, less memory. Sorry if that doesn’t make sense.

No, the wire repeater version takes less memory.

um ok

My bad I didnt word it correctly it triggers the trigger

They turn off when the next numbered channel activates (when counter reaches 2, it [at least should] activate the 2nd laser and de-activate the first [this is how the lasers are configured])

BTW if I didn’t explain it well, this system is supposed to make the effect of a wave of lasers

Is the problem with the concatenation, or is it something else?

Alr guys I figured out the problem, it was with the concatenation. Channel names are defaulted as text, so I had to convert the property into text for it to work.

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Even though I did not help, glad you got it to work!

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