Trigger delay question

If you activate a delayed trigger while it’s still in the delay of triggering, will it reset the delay or will it trigger twice?

I think it will reset the delay

Wait scratch that, if it activated while it’s still in delay, then it’ll just delay longer than trigger twice because you activated a DELAYED trigger while it’s still in the delay of trigger, so basically, it’s like two delays on top, one of them started earlier before the second one.

You get what I’m saying?

If by activate you mean run, then the answer is it’ll trigger twice. If you mean activate the trigger (as in enabling it), then this question is kinda irrelevant, since it’s not possible at all.

Assuming you mean run the trigger function, then delays don’t stack. Gimkit processes it like such: When I receive A on trigger, add A to event list with delay to run, when I recieve B, etc.

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Oh, I didn’t think about that.

Yeah, I’d recommend thinking about this as if you built the site. What is the underlying basis of each block? What would X look like from the server side? Good questions to consider :slight_smile:

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Max Concurrent Task Per Player? I know about max tasks per player (number of times they can trigger it).

Oh oops. I got it mixed up with the repeater settings. The repeater has the Max Concurrent Tasks

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Oh lol, happens to everyone :slight_smile:
Repeater max concurrent tasks is for as you said, the # of tasks a player can do from it at once (multiple can be done from sending broadcasts to it to start it several times)

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Yea, that’s what I thought, I was just too lazy to test it. Thanks!

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