Triangle in gimkit

what is the easiest way to make a triangle in gimkit with barriers?

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uhhh a sqaure one and anoth square one covering half of that one idk

use text symbols instead much easier ▲

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I know the problem is the barrier that has to cover it


Just put them in a triangle format, ClicClac.

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could you get 3 sticks and fill it in
or use emoji

huh ClicClac isn’t on this post

Or is he?


vsauce theme instentifies

but idk whats happening


once you get your answer, can you make a pyramid?

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About the topic though, DXC’s[1] solution looks to be the best, due to being able to make multiple different triangles. Edit: @mysz, I’m sorry I was trying to get you to say that you had an alt. Not only was it rude and off topic, it sets a bad example for the younger TL3s. Please forgive for acting out of line. I’m going to delete my half of the argument because it sets a bad example.

  1. I thought you left… ↩︎


Wait how did DXCTYPE even make the triangle. Is there some update I missed? Or is it just a slanted barrier overlapping another.


ahh could’t resist coming back like most ppl

just too addicted

ya just a barrier matching the ground color over another one

I don’t think puffin ribs are good to eat… There’s a reason Blizzy didn’t care about me during her reign…

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Btw what’s the hex code for that color?

idk i just used the color picker thing and moved the dot up (make it more lighter) until it looked right

r(138), g(189), b(86)


You can take barriers, rotate them for the sides, then fill it with more barriers. Use text if you can though because that would be easier but if you need collision or specific angles, barriers are better

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