Treasure chest help

Can someone make a treasure chest.

you want to make the prop work as a treasure chest or make it look like a treasure chest?

No just splash a bunch of props and barriers together to make it look like a treasure chest

Probably both. Just have a prop (crates are recommended) and have it grant an item. When item granted, the prop disappears.
Screenshot 2024-01-09 1.18.16 PM

Or if you want an actual treasure chest, here you go.

Screenshot 2024-01-09 1.22.04 PM

maybe a little less green?

Green? What green?

the chest
the doubloons are kinda greenish

Side view:
Screenshot 2024-01-09 7.26.48 PM
Top view-half full:
Screenshot 2024-01-09 7.29.18 PM
Top view-full:
Screenshot 2024-01-09 7.29.34 PM

maybe you could add some gems like rubies or diamonds, it might look nice.

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the doubloons are green lol

Yeah, I know. I should just change the doubloons color to a more realistic yellow. Maybe even change the color number. Sorry.

how did you get the highlighter thing? i couldn’t find the device for it

you can make a treasure chest by:

first getting a crate, button, wire repeater, and item granter, then, wire the button to item granter, when button pressed, — grant item, next wire the button to the prop, and put, when button pressed – hide prop. then, wire the button to wire repeater: button pressed – repeat wire pulse,
lastly, wire the wire repeater to the button: when the wire repeater receives a pulse – disable button.
And your done!
oh, and make sure to hide the button so people can’t see it.
Screenshot 2024-01-10 11.48.14 AM

in my opinion, this is the best solution, and I always use it every time i need a chest.

hahaha so you noticed too