Transparent roof

I’m trying to make it so you can walk over a bridge with the bridge being solid, however I would like to be able to go under the bridge with the top of the bridge turning transparent to see where you are. I’m sure this is possible with the code blocks. Can someone help? Thanks!

Barriers that are transparent with collision turned off and on the above layer

Add a zone underneath the bridge. When the player enters the zone, hide the props in the bridge.

Look in this reply for an idea for a bridge:

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you can use barriers, just get collision off

Place a barrier with an opacity of 1, make sure to turn collision off.

Try using this guide!

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having another more transparent bridge under neath the main one, and having a zone beneath the main one that tells it to disappear when the player enters it and reappear once they exit.

Alright it’s a bit late where I’m at so I’ll solve this tomorrow! Thank you for the suggestions!


ok, bye