Trailers in GKC

Eggo my fellow eggs,
I have a question, can I post a link in my game desc that leads to a trailer to my game?

(I prob cant because of the rules but I will still like to know)

I don’t think you can do a diffenent website that’s not Gimkit, so no.

Aw shucks :frowning_face:
I wanna do a animation to my Gimkit map

(afk really quick)

You could make the trailer in the Gimkit map, using a animation and a black barrier above the gim, so you don’t have to see the gim.

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yea, but once my game IS finished, I have to remove all of that

So? People will play it more if you have a trailer.

my game uses A LOT of memory, that animation will just make even more memory.

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You could make a seperate map with the trailer and publish that but not publish the game your working on until it’s finished.

yeah in game is the only way
if you can’t do a trailer you can just hint towards it and use text

:credit_card: = 0 gimbucks

(the banker: your a broke boy)

Then it’s impossible if you can’t make a seperate map or put it in your map.


my egg brain has come up with a idea!!!

What if I put the link to my trailer into my BIO?

(awesome sauce idea)

that works
can you mark a solution for this?

And you make another map to do it?

There are a lot of people who play Gimkit who aren’t on the Forums.
Maybe you could ask someone with the ticket to make a map and publish it, but you could make the animation in their topic.

that’s true tho,

argggggg I just wanna make a trailer for my map :slightly_frowning_face:

as you can see, I am broke

(but in reality I have 1000 gimbucks which I’m saving for my map)

You link the map (The trailer) you haven’t published to your bio.

I used up all my map slots


Then it’s not possible.