Tragic tales of Tranquil trails

I’m making a game called tranquil trails, and I had people voicing the characters, but I lost the document and names, so I need new ones. How to get in the game - Respond to this using this format, you can only do one.

(Your name) (Sentry Skin) (Sentry name)
“Dialogue Requesting help”
“Talking to them before quest complete”
“Finishing quest”
“talking to casually”

If you respond to this using the provided format, that character will be in the game.

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You need names for the characters? Or do you need new voice actors?

Exmple of reply:

Temmie, Libro, Joe
“Have you seen my cotton eye”
“I still need it”
“Thank you, I needed that”
“What’s up [Player Name]?”

Make it fancier and more expressive.

The entire format should be filled out, so both.

Oh, then im sorry i cant help ou, but i wish you good travels and good luck!

Dang it.

@Roberta I need help again.

wait so we put our name, sentry skin, sentry name
then like what dialogue they would say in certain situations?

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(Dodge_Fox)(Captain buck) (Dodge_fox)

“Hey there you, can you help me?I need to get my sword back but I can’t leave i’m too weak, I need to heal first…will you go get it? If the children on Fenris find it…those wolves will free Fenris who will start Ragnarok which is destined to end with the destruction of all worlds! Hurry you must get it!”

“If you want the fox metal reward go and get it! Hurry unless you want it to fall in the hands of those who would hasten Ragnarok and all the worlds destruction!”

“Thank you kind gim…I will remember you…here take this fox metal, it’s sharper and more durable than diamond, and it has magical properties…take it and form it to what you want…”

“You have done me a good service…thank you…now Ragnarok is delayed…but beware it WILL eventually happen…maybe in your lifetime maybe not…but all we can do is delay as long as possible…but don’t worry, those wolves won’t catch me off guard again…”

does this work @Temmie ?

(Sythic) (Vortex Agent) (Sythic)

“Hey you! Get over here. I need to upgrade my evil eye before the battle. I am set to duel someone named “Comfy” and I am afraid this uncommon weapon will not be enough. I need a rare. Please help and I will reward you handsomly.”

“Please hurry, I do not have much time. The Reward is worth the risk.”

“Thank you! Take my gift, the golden fish, it should provide a damage boost worthy for someone of your talent.”

“Thanks for your help before. I thought I was screwed! Luckily I won. Hows the fish working for you?”

“The fish is only one of the many artifacts people have. Probably the weakest too.”

“Explorings pretty fun. You should try it sometime!”

“Good luck on your journey!”

Is this decent @Temmie?

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With what?

If this does not fit what you require please tell me so I can change this.

Dark Hydra, Ozi, Pharaoh Gimunt.
Hello, stranger. I require assistance.
Well? Get to it, stranger!
Thank you, friend, for your help.
Hello friend, nice to see you.
(If you decline) hope you had a nice life. telports player to lasers or sentries

Yes. (Extra characters)

I remember you! You were in my last one.

It fits perfectly, good job.

use < and > with no spaces and more words to avoid word limit…it makes words invisible inside.


Hello again :slight_smile: