Trading in gimkit with the trading plaza and the booths

The currency can be like be the gim coins and there could be a machine that could take you to any server with the item you want to buy. Chat is not allowed and there could be different booths and a index machine with all the items in the game. There could also be trophies for acheiving different thing in each gamemode. Also, if trading came out before blooket comes out with it gimkit would become my schools number one game. Lastly a collabe would also be interesting. More details coming up.

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This is a really short G̶u̶i̶d̶e̶ whatever this is…. Welcome to the forums @Mr.Idea

For the next details I will post them tomorrows on the 28th.

It’s not even a guide. @Mr.Idea this forum is not for posting ideas that gimkit should add. Either go to the discord or to the official gimkit suggestion page.

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Um… you really dont need to do that

Add it to the nolt

Okay will do . Good Idea.

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