Town map Ideas. Help!

I’m making a town that will be updated every time I reach a number of plays. Any suggestions?
Here is what I already have:

  • Store
  • houses
  • a terirbe plaza
  • an abandoned lemonade shop

put a well in the middle of town where you can make a wish with a coin.

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Maybe adding different mechanics, like dialogue, 10 plays, farming, 20 plays, arena, 30 plays, and a World Quest, 50 plays
or something like that

Listing ideas…

Maybe you could add a barn in the outskirts of the town with a monster that you can interact with or something idk.

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  • Arena
  • Boss
  • Quests
  • Dialogue
  • World Events (i. e. Waves of monsters)
  • Weapon Crafting
  • Resource Mining
  • PvP
  • Resource Farming
  • Town Upgrades (Wall Health, explosives [ Deactivate sentry monsters after a time])
  • Weapon Upgrades (Common to Uncommon, etc.)

Jk. Never mind.

Make sure to mark a solution, @Car189

Here is all the things i will use:

  • Quests
  • Dialouge
  • Town upgrades
  • Barn

Btw can you tell me the name of description of your game, I want to play it.

As for the other stuff @Build-pleasse said, they don’t really go with the theme I want.

Oh, I’ll be releasing it soon. You can go test out the beta in my padlet! (In bio)

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It asks me for password

Ok thank you.

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