Tower defence simulator spawn lobby and other games guide 🟩 rating 1.5

so i made this teleporter that teleports you to a point after amount of secound and yes i serched befor i wrote this and it came up with nothing

step 1

step 1 conect the zone too the counter then follow what the image says

step 2

step 2
conect zone 2 too the counter 1 and folow what the image says
Screenshot 2024-07-05 10.30.35 AM

step 3

so now you are going to conect the zone two too the repeeater and then follow the what the image says
Screenshot 2024-07-05 10.31.06 AM

step 4

so now you are going too conect the repeater too the counter two and then follow what the images says

step 5

now you are going to conect the zone too the counter and follow the images

step 6

now you are going to conect the THE YELLOW ZONE tow the repeater and folow what the images say

and finaly step 7

so now you are going to conect the repeater too the telleporter and follow what the images says

exstra detials
Screenshot 2024-07-05 10.48.53 AM
counter target value

thank you hope you like it

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Great job on your guide!

thank you man thees means alot to me

You welcome! :smiley: I hope you have fun creating your guides!

thank you the map im creating now is coming good its probly the best ive done i did creat a game befor called univers sanbox only 100 plays so im looking at a diffrent way and one off my ideas is to try and bring new game cus ive keep playing basicly the same game eveeary day im already a developer outsid of gimkit as i create diffrent props for game likie the last one i made was a crystal cave on blender witch also is dang good

Great and detailed guide! I would like, but I ran out, so… :love_letter:

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sorry spacking but… you can just put a trigger or wire repeater in between. These have time intervals, and if you want it to not happen after the player leaves the zone just deactivate the trigger.

Pls never use repeaters. They can be emulated with a trigger loop system that uses way less memory.

And also please check for spelling errors before you post. Get a Grammarly account or smth to spell-check your stuff.

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I love Grammarly. except when it logs me out.

back on topic

I literally couldn’t understand half of it. That’s probably because I don’t know what the heck a… “Tower defence simulator spawn lobby and other games” is. Is it just supposed to be a different type of lobby or smth? Your grammar and spelling was horrendous (You sure you’re 13 or above???). As chrys said, never use repeaters. Remove the ideas tag because this isn’t a help topic. That tag is used for when people need help making ideas. You rated your guide based on how people like it, not the difficulty so I would either switch the green square emoji to a star emoji or just not put the rating in so it doesn’t confuse users. I will end up giving you kudos since I haven’t seen this specific system before though.

Replies Criticism (replies to the guide):

Queen.of.Learning, if you’re just going to say “Great job on your guide!” then leave a like instead. Also, this isn’t a chat so posts like “You welcome! :smiley: I hope you have fun creating your guides!” don’t need to be said.

Spaceking, saying the name of your game (post 6) is considered advertising so please refrain from doing that in the future. You don’t need to say that something you made is good because how people look at you might change (not exactly narcissistic but somewhere along those lines).

Unit_72, I can’t believe you still don’t remember what mysz told you -_- . He said something where he told you to do what Anythinger did when Anythinger ran out of likes. That was when Anythinger ended up contributing to a topic and left an emoji at the end so he could search it up the next day and leave an actual like, iirc. Please remember this! If you want to reply why not say how or what you liked about the guide?

greenbean7, your reply literally had nothing to do with the guide at all. And saying “back on topic” doesn’t change the fact that you were the first one to be off-topic after the latest on-topic reply in this topic. Next time, don’t say anything or say something related and meaningful for the topic.



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@greenbean7, great hob reporting this. I know it must have been quite the hob to get your hands, or substatute of which, on this message. Again, great hob.

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I am hobby to accept the praise

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