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Omg, could it be…
The thing we’ve all said we’d do but never did…
Finally coming out?
If you finish this, this will help tons of people, thank you.


How does this work in amoung us? Never played.


In among us, this is how the voting system goes:
After a dead body has been reported, players are teleported to the middle table and given a voting screen. They get a certain amount of time (usually 2 - 3 minutes) to discuss the body, where everyone was, who’s suspicious. In this period of time they can vote for any of the players, or skip if you’re not sure who to vote for. The voting period ends when all the players have voted, or the time has ran out. The amount of votes for each player are revealed (usually which player voted for them as well, but that is not needed, as there are incognito modes too), and the player with the majority votes get voted out of the game, or if the majority skipped, the game continues on without anyone getting voted out. When all imposters are voted out, the game ends and the crewmates win.
Hope that wasn’t too confusing.


The system is actually quite easy, I’m surprised no one ever did a simplified guide on it.


This looks a lot simpler than my method

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Whats your method?

I collect the player names in properties at the start of the game, use some clever pop up’s to make a voting menu, and then do some code to compare the votes.

Hmm, maybe I could work with that too.

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My method is that when someone calls a meeting, I use a relay to tp everyone to a voting zone, split everyone to teams (1 player each), gather some buttons and counters, store voting results in a property (which the game detects as a score for each team) and when the meeting ends, use some block code to check the results, and kick the highest score player.


My editor doesn’t play amoung us either.

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It’s not spelled Amoung Us?

It’s Among Us, not Amogus or Amongugugug us. Or Amoung us.

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