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You want to make a game stand out for itself like a battle royal game at no one made before and put your heart and dedication into the game and add updates maybe every Friday and put some unique design and some people to help if you can get someone like your friends or pay for somebody to help you with the designs and make a unique thumbnail for your game and but even if you don’t get at many players still keep going because when I put my full potential in my game I didn’t get at many players and I just give up i I shouldn’t have done that I tried so hard to pick the game but it didn’t work out.

                                                         By the way, I did not make this thumbnail


This is a really short guide. Try to elongate it and give more details and pictures.

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Ok thinks I’m new sorry I can’t make it better I will try to make it better sorry again

Maybe give some credit to @vqnillaxx or ask for permission to use his thumbnail?
(Wait, it is vqnillaxx’s thumbnail, right? I vaguely remember that from December)

I got it right! Go Brain :brain:

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Can a regular change the title, tags, and category?

Before creating a guide, think: is this guide really necessary? Would other people benefit from it? What does it teach to other people?

Try making something truly about Gimkit Creative next time.

At least credit the person who made that thumbnail.

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ay bro is that my thumbnail i see

Yeah. This is way too short. It isn’t that necessary, as @wingwave said

@Morepeko8 Get onto my padlet

If it is, wow! Nice!

  1. @leon this is a bit 2 short 4 a guid,
  2. Pls credit the person who made the thumbnail! :slight_smile:
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sry just needed some quick help
Ty @vqnillaxx
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ok sorry guy’s i will take it down


Np! Ppl learn from their mistakes! :smiley: