To post do you click the New Topic button?

Someone please tell me is that how you do it!

you just posted
please read:

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so this is a post? ok ty

You obviously know how to post. Please refrain from posting things like this on the forums, it is off topic and not needed. Welcome to the forums, though, and we hope you have a good time here!


Welcome to the forums @InfiScript !

Some basic rules:

  1. Search before you post. There’s probably a solution already, so remember to check the help topics too.
  2. This forum is for Gimkit Creative only. No off topic posting!!
  3. When posting a guide, make sure it is in-depth and completely finished.
  4. Have fun! While this forum is about learning stuff for GKC (Gimkit Creative), you can also make great friends here.

If you need more, make sure to check out the forum-tips tag, the TOS, and FAQ.

Again, welcome to the forums and we hope you have a good time here!

this is making a topic do this if you need game help

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no sry i dont know how to post i just got here

this is powered by discourse you can search for some tutorials on google

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Oh, well I assumed because you posted this topic and are replying to this thread. Read the tos and faq for more!

welcome! :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face:

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