Titlebar Doesn't Show

Whenever I’m playing a 2d game (gimkit creative or not) the titlebar which shows knockouts and messages doesn’t show for me.

If your screen width is less than 680px, these will not show. There is no way to fix this :frowning:

It isn’t, I’m on a laptop.

You mean the notifications in the bottom right, right? Also, is this in a regular game or a gimkit creative one?

No I mean like “Player was knocked out by sentry.” or “Player caught a gimfish!”

And it’s in all games, however I want to enable it for map testing.

The only reason I can think of for why this wouldn’t show would be becuase of the screen size being less than 680px

Right, but I know other people who have the same exact laptop as me and it shows for them, even in the same game.

Well I’m not sure what’s happening then, sorry :frowning:

It won’t show because your screen is small. If you want that titlebar back, go into fullscreen.