Tips for making a tutorial?

Is there anyway to make illustrations like the official game modes or something similar?

Even a way to place items like props would be nice.

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There currently isn’t a way to do this, sorry.

you could use texts
and props
but other than that idk

Ya @Goofygoober_return is correct. That is the best way to do that.

If it isn’t possible to do this, then how come Josh and the others could do it?

All 2D gamemodes were made behind the scenes with gimkit creative.

there are somethings that josh and the gimkit team uses but aren’t in creative but you are correct all games where made in creative.

Maybe we should ask Josh how

there is no need to. he is on vacation and you cannot add tutorials like the post above

oh wait he is?
good for him

I agree

Get the thumb up approval
i suck at drawling thumbs lol

You Could also use zones for the boxes