Tips for getting more views? [ SOLUTION FOUND! ]

I’ve made a game called Gim Clicker, it has daily updates, a somewhat visually appealing map, achievements, and a bunch of stuff to accomplish.

But… I can barely break 100 views. I got 100 views on my first day and I’ve gotten basically 1-2 views a day since. I’ve tried everything I can including making the title bigger and highlighting updates in the title to announce to people looking that the game is frequently updated.

I’m also very clear with players making sure that every future update and current update since the game is released is clearly listed in a changelog room.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: My map including the spawn area.

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searching goes off of description for one

use a short but sweet description, promise updates on the game lobby when more plays happen. use brighter colors in the lobby and try to make it memoriable. And maybe add the link to your bio.

You need a good thumbnail, and popular keywords, like Clicker, in your description.

I tried to add it to my forum bio but it got blocked

Put it in the link box, not in your actual bio.

not in the link section under “profile” and “web site” .

Also tried this, I can try again because I’m braindead when it comes to my account management.

i tagged it above. ^

Why do you use light mode :sob:

i always have, thats why my eye site is good.

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Also try to put those who helped you somewhere and make the name catchy. If people don’t like the look or name they won’t play it. so try that.

The ultimate Gimkit clicker game! The best idle game, but not just that! Click your way to the top in this ultimate chill map.

I tried to sneak in everything I could without making it loaded with random stuff.

I did it pretty much solo except for the 1 or two times I asked for help on the forum.

I did mention this in a section of the map though ^

You may be missing these things:

  • A clickbait or eye-catching thumbnail may be why you might not be attracting as many people as you’d like! If you can’t make your own, make a help topic or ask someone else.

  • Make a good description – describe your game exactly as what it is— even if it’s just a clicker game. Make sure you do it in a welcoming, friendly, exciting way. Tug or pull the readers into playing your game-- don’t forget to mention credits or other games!

  • The quality of your game is what matters — sorry to break it to you this way, but if your game’s trash or effortless, you can expect the same from the other side. Test your game for bugs, glitches, or mistakes when publishing it. Make sure your game is playable and worth playing.

  • Advertise your [finished and clean] game in your bio or Padlet or website somewhere. If you do, chances are people will check your game out! Appreciate this! Update your game daily, if possible, and look at other games for inspiration.

  • Check out some guides for improving your map on the forum. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! It’s okay not to know everything!

no offense to your game in particular, but i think your problem is that clicker games / idle games are the worst type of game one can make. they are useless, give no sense of progression or accomplishment, and require zero skill, strategy, or thinking of any kind. they are also super easy to make with, like, no effort, and super easy to update, when you’re not really making the game better. more views come from your game being, mainly, so good that people share it with their friends and then it gets on trending and more people see it and they share it with their friends and it all repeats and then maybe it gets on community picks or something…

but nobody is going to do that for a clicker game.

How about we just decide to think positive instead of negative, shall we?
I mean, they can’t do whatever they want— it’s a map.
But there are a lot of clicker games-- they just have to be different and unique.

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I’m not sure if you’re saying I took no effort to make this because I started developing it WAY before I joined the forum and saw all the guides for clicker games.

I basically made 15 triggers for CPC alone because I didn’t know I could automate it in 3 pieces of block code

I’m also not sure if you actually looked at my map though because I personally think it’s more unique in contrast to the other clicker maps I’ve seen.

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that was quite harsh. i get your point but maybe be a bit, um, nicer about it next time?

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Honestly, your game looks pretty good, but let me warn you of one thing: VIEWS. ARE. NOT. EVERYTHING. Me personally, I am quite active in Scratch (link in bio wink wink) and I swear, more than not, most people on there are just looking for fame. So please, if you are gonna post your map just for fame or views, please do not.

Also yeah I do get that this isn’t Scratch, but if you look at the spoiler you’ll see why I made this post. The game looks very good though and well polished, it seems promising.

Sorry for the rude tone, I’m honestly at this point paranoid of people ruining Creative.