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Tips and tricks

You should think and imagine what you are going to build. If you want then draw it, or make a small version of the map as a beta version, and then see what you need to do and what you can do to make it more memory efficient.








Keeping map popular(optional)


Dodge_Fox method

I like to be strategic, I start to learn methods myself, then I look at the forum, build some stuff i see, then merge my thoughts/methods with the forum mechanics, and what I have learned with forum builds, to make my own methods for building maps.

PhoenixWander Method

I like using props unconventionally. I’ve figured out anything can be turned into something else. That bit of moss could easily become a chemical puddle. It really just comes down to your imagination.

TheHacker120's Method

I like to try to plan a long while I’m building. I like to try to match the theme of my builds to the game I’m building. I usually like old-fashioned themes of different rooms.

Blackhole927's Method

Build now, regret later. Go make something, and don’t hesitate or back away from a challenge. Make something you’re proud of, something that stands out from everyone else. Don’t worry about impossibilities and just go for it.

ShadowDragon44's Method

Some people say I am impassive. I would say I am not. Nothing that I have created is grayscale, monotone, lacking warmth or cool. Art is passion, the creator puts their feelings INTO art, their emotions determine how the art will turn out. Also why we reallyreallyreallllyyyy hate griefers. Point is your art reflects your personality, nothing will ever be the same unless you copy and paste… :l. So just be unique and do whatever and let haters hate. More of a pep-talk? Perhaps. Does it have a hidden message? Maybe~

Sus_the_Hamster's Method

One of my most important rules in making a map is to make it look good. Can you add a couple props or layer the terrain to make it look good? Of course! It also only takes a minute at most and can make a big difference. Finally, always be proud of your map. It doesn’t matter if it only gets 46 plays, what matters is if you like it and are proud of it.

C-C's method

What I like to do, is I completely go with the flow; I enter a state of mind where I let my mind run free to build and play what it wants, Having a good and clear mind is always good to have while making things… You could feel down or not have the motivation to do things, but you should continue on and let your brain run free with possibilities! It doesn’t matter what other people say, if you like it, thats the most important thing that matters.

lonewolf0230 's Method

Just go with the flow. The tiniest details can really make a difference. The more you have the better. Just place and place and place and eventually, you get to the point where you have a really good quality map. Anything can become anything. Use your imagination.
Also, you can use other things to help you. For example, if you are making super smash bros, make the screens and stuff as close as you can. it may take some time, but it’s worth it :grin: :
It does not matter if the only one who plays it is your dog, you still made a good map that you should be proud of. :slight_smile:

@Gimpenetable Method

When making your map, have little Easter eggs in there just for fun! Just like @lonewolf0230’s method add many many details! Also, don’t lose hope. If something is not working out, try again! Never give up and work hard to get to the end!

Sythics Method

Come up with an idea and just work on it! Dont even wonder if its possible or not cross that bridge when you get there. And if you dont think you can make it work one way try it another way. Put effort into every little corner of your map. Making an among us? Add astroids or floating sentries outside. Making a medival game? Add decoration like rat emojis on the floor. Maps with effort in them are noticible, and even if they dont get on trending, at least someones enjoyed playing them. Come up with ideas no one has seen! Think out side the box. Even if you dont like it you can make someone and their friends happy.

Magenta_Dragon's Method

So you need some tips on building your map? Then you’ve come to the right place. A thing I see a lot is people don’t add small details. Just add lil grass and rocks here and there or dirt. Whatever fits your scene. Its small details that really pull a game together. Also use different layers. Like have walls and floors and different layers. It makes it look a lot better. Another thing. Don’t add anything the player can’t see. Only focus on what they can access and see. Otherwise you would just be wasting memory for something no body will see.

Blizzy's Method

Basically, I do the same thing as Blackhole. I build, then, if I hate my build, I delete all the bad parts. Usually, I have this thing I want to make. Then I just build a basic design and then fill it in. Then I make all the devices after the visual is done. USUALLY. Or I just do the visuals and the devices at the same time. It gets confusing. But it works.

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I like using props unconventionally. I’ve figured out anything can be turned into something else. That bit of moss could easily become a chemical puddle. It really just comes down to your imagination.

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