Timer difficulty

So basically I was building an overlay timer, and the first time when I tested it, it worked. But after that I added some other stuff that wasn’t connected to the device, tested it again, and the overlay doesn’t even show.

tried refreshing?

Yes I did.

I not good for this sort of thing

Is there a different overlay on top of it? Try putting the overlay at a different place.

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I did, and no there isn’t another overlay

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try redoing the timer?

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Something else must be interacting with the timer. Do you have any channels or wires messing it up? Or did you modify the timer?

If you’re using channels, make sure none of them are interfering with each other.

That’s what I just said…

Also, I just checked for the 7th time how to become a regular, and I still don’t get how I’m not a regular yet. I have matched everything on there…

Well, can we see the code?

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Interesting, have you ever been flagged?

I redid it and for some reason it worked, thanks!!
(I will mark solution)

Three times, but it’s still under the limit.

I don’t know then. 100 days from when you made your account passed 2 days ago. You read over 500 topics and 20k posts by then, right?

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Yes, I remember reading every post that I could in every topic just to get to regular 2 weeks ago.

Yeah, the same kinda thing is happening to me. I fit the qualifications for a couple badges but I haven’t gotten them now for like 3 days.

You have to have 20k posts read and 500 topics read to become a regular. Check my profile for proof I’ve acquired both, as well as the like badge that you need. 20 likes received and 30 given. You don’t have 20k posts or 500 topics read yet @SirWyWy. You’ll get there. You also have to have 25/100 days visited, as well as 25% posts and topics read out of the 100 days, and I have all of those.