Thumbnails for my Beach Battle map

I need some thumbnails for my beach battle map.
Things I need in the pic:
The rest is up to you! Be as creative as you can.

the ideas tag is for map ideas and the art tag is for guides, so i fixed that and switched it to art-request which is for thumbnails.


Oh well thank you very much.

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If anyone wants to know I do not have a name for my map yet.

I will make you a thumbnail.
Do you need any extra details?

Ok. Exited to see it!

I would love to make one! I really would but I can start around 3:50 pm today… if that’s fine… unless you need it now.

Thats ok. I won’t be here around 2:40 so I’ll check tomorrow so no worries.

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I added the extra details at the top of the page.

cant exactly add “weapons” to your thumbnail but you can add “gadgets” if you know what I mean (meaning no actual guns or weapons otherwise it most likely will get taken down once posted on discovery so just use the term gadgets and slap gadget pngs on the thumbnail)

Yeah that’s what I meant.

just checking 0.o cant be too wary can you?

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Never could be to wary!

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I will wait a couple days until I will start the voting.

Or maybe I’ll just choose.

Sorry but I just realized I need the thumbnails to be done by tomorrow.

HI, I finished the thumbnail! is this good enough?

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wow, perfecto

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Thank you, in my opinion it isn’t the best but its decent.
I could have done better but with so little time I couldn’t do much.

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I am a graphic designer and I could make you one
Here is one of
Screenshot 2024-04-17 1.49.57 PM
my examples