Thumbnail Voting!

Game Info

My game is very similar to The Pit- Free For All, made by geerzy in Fortnite, the theme is green and purple floors (instead of yellow and blue that is copying geerzy) with boardwalk walls to resemble builds. For Gims, get creative and make battle related ones like you would see in Fortnite.
The winner will be featured in the credits of the game as thumbnail artist.

There are 4 thumbnails to choose, and anyone can vote!

The ratings in some of them. :joy: :rofl: Nice touch.

to me it’s the 1st one or the last one.

I can’t decide on those 2

imma vote last one (even though there all good)

Yes thank you to @LOFINIGHT @2514 and @OliviaKim7777 for making these please get votes in

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