Thumbnail Thingy

Hey guys! So if you were on my last thumbnail request you probably know that I need a sort of teaser thumbnail thing for my new (but unpublished) gimkit game mode. I am going to put it on my profile for the creative forum
If you are going to try to do it, here is what I want in it :arrow_down:

My mode is a dungeon crawler map where you enter Emberwall Castle and compete in a series of minigames to finally get to the final boss (I don’t even know what it will be yet!). Please try to make a picture with gims running towards the castle in the background, and also next to the castle is a slender and tall black stone tower. Also, if it works, try and make one of the gims my custom one that I have for my profile picture.

Thank you so much!

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BTW @VoidFluffy this is the topic you were asking for

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I will start work on this soon!

actually, I’m so sorry, I don’t think I can fit this into my schedule. I can try but it might take a while

Ok that’s fine you don’t have to do it if you can’t.

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