Thumbnail request :)

Can someone make me a thumbnail. The game is called mega gimnite. It is a desert themed battle royale game.


I’m kinda busy rn but I have time tommorow is you’re lucky maybe later today

maybe I can make one??
look in my bio for my past work, and a new addition to it:

i can make one @Neon11

I’m not making one I’m too busy but maybe add some more details? I think other artists could help make better thumbnails if you do.

I can make one just give me some time over the weekend.

Same just gimme some time

Ok, thanks :grinning: !!!

NVM I use my school computer for art and I had to turn it in

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ill do it but i need to know what gims to use

ok sorry i can;t make it any more @Neon11

!!did this to bring this topic back!!

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oh thx i have been looking for this

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Very sorry for the late post but here is the thumbnail

I hope u like it!

Can we pretty please have more info?

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