Thumbnail Request?

Hi guys, so i have this game, it’s been posted a while, and you should find it in my bio, I have a thumbnail for it, but i dont really like it. I’d really like it if someone could redraw or completely change it for me.

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I could try.

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Thank you.

i think i remember playing that map

Really? I just republished it with a really big update.

i will check it out right now

how do i find it in Discovery?

what’s the name of it I’ma rate it 1/10

Um search oranges. or you can click link in my bio

I found it ima rate it 10/10

I’ll try. Just give me a few hours-days! Anything specific for it?

Um…id like to keep the gim thinking, and obviously having oranges in it.

It’s called that one game with oranges because I’m not creative on Gimkit creative

Where do i get ammo for the Blaster?

Uhhh you can go up the path and find a guy in a red tent directly next to the jungle temple. If you ask him to open the barrier it should come up.

the anvil in 1 of the minigame rooms

I can re-do it for you

i am at the gypsy teller

There a couple different places. I will publish a guide one second. But try to get to the Holy Anvil. (You should see directions)

Why is the button just giving me more health!

i found a different anvil