Thumbnail Request: The Omega Keys


So, I started working on a game that someone recommended on a help page.

Here’s the story:

Spoiler Alert!

hehehe, you think I would tell you the game. Nah, a good game designer doesn’t spoil.

But, what I really am asking for is a thumbnail. In this thumbnail I would request 3 Keys (Green, Red, and Blue) Connected to each other via some sort of a neon-ish red line. (Limbo reference, if anyone gets it.) And the background is white with teal Stars.

And, I’m not the person to exactly ask for Thumbnails, so thanks. That’s All.

Anybody that post a Thumbnail (That I use,) will get credited in the game, with a few other people who are helping…

I will try but I’m busy…
I honestly think it’s an awesome thumbnail idea though!

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Bumping cuz I kinda need this lol.

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You should attempt your own on canva so we can keep the thumbnail request at a low, (Lots of people are complaining about them all)

I know, but I’m terrible at Canva.No i’m not, i’m just lazy.

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Thumbnail attempt, I’m lazy toooooo