Thumbnail request: Story mode!

I only said that before hand because there is a lot of details but now i added the details in the request

oh okay its just that im a little irratated that when i tryed to ask for a thumbnail a couple weeks ago i was told that they werent allowed and i got flagged

yeah there is an art tag now so feel free to ask !

bro serioly i now angy

hey nixxion do you know why it wont let me pass the loading screen after the bot makes dinner

Did you check your wi-fi? I’ve done like 100 bug checks and never encountered this

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i have made i thumbnail request can people check it out

Could I give it a shot?

Here is the thumbnail I made.


could you make me a thumbnail for my first map its a castle maze escape

Sure, I’ll respond to the topic you made.

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does everybody have to put in 20 charecters to post

my topic is in the art and i tag it with art and art request

yes, but you can make extra “invisible characters” to reach the minimum by putting spam inside of __ “< >”
so like

I’ll make one!

i want to play the gameeeeeeeeee :crying_cat_face:

Looks fire! Do you mind if i use it i could add some lighting and shading

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I just made this hope you like it :grinning:

New one