Thumbnail request Sort of like Hunger Games

the game is called the hardest game ever made, this is what it needs
gims: any
environment: any
weapons needed, it also is kinda like the hunger games.
@SlimJim58 and @SAD you helped me last time so I am hoping you can help this time!
ok guys, I am going to put a poll for you.
you guys choose who’s thumbnail is better!

  • unavailible’s thumbnail
  • SAD’s thumbnail
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this poll will close in to days.

anyone can do it so feel free to make one

you don’t need to include that you only need one. So i removed it from the title

erkay. thanks for the insight

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I can try to make one but I’ll need a little bit.

so my laptop screen is a little annoying but let me know if you like my work (bottom of my bio) and if you do just let me know
I hate when I make a thumbnail and it isn’t ever used

Alright I finished:

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hmm… I gotta say… yuh art-request is a good tag but…

should we make a thumbnail-request tag?
  • Nah… stick with art-requests.
  • Let’s make it then!
  • What’s the point of making this???
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vote ( and no one has really used the thumbnail tag )

the tag was changed by another regular @gim_guy so idk

so maybeeee remove the censored?

that’s pretty good @SAD , and also thank you for that fish pvp thumbnail

No problem, thanks

ok guys I added a poll to decide what thumbnail I should use.

I can add the pictures if needed

Can I vote for myself, or do I just not vote?

sure why not. plus the other one will vote for himself prob to


like I am not going to vote because what is the point in that