Thumbnail Request, Please!

Hey, guys! I’m creating a new game called The Legend of Gim: Hidden Lands (Yes, GimGamer1 gave me permission). I’m going to work on a thumbnail, but I would like some more options to choose from. Here are the requirements:

  • Any GIM is ok, but they must be holding either a sword/shield combo (think Master Sword/Hylian Shield but designed a bit differently)…

Think this ^^^, just change it up a bit so it’s not these exactly. I don’t wanna get copyrighted XD

  • …or a Zapper. The GIM should also be looking back to the Point Of View (POV).
  • In the background, there should be a castle wreathed in fog, with skeletons/revenants around it (showing a curse on the land). The castle should have purple pennants fluttering from the battlements/flagpoles, too. The door should be propped open by a rock. Not broken, propped.
  • Foreground: The GIM should be standing on a rock in a plains/forest-like environment.
  • The sky should be overcast, but not rainy, but only around the castle. The rest should be sunny.
  • List the game maker as Gim Studios.
  • Include your credit wherever makes sense (If it’s a corner, or a side, go nuts, I don’t care!)
  • There should be water/black void separating the plains and the castle. If there’s water, there should be a shipwreck near the castle. If there’s void, have a broken (yet floating) bridge leading to it.

Other than that, go nuts! Thanks!

If I heart your comment/request, go ahead and start!

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I’ll draw a thumbnail for you!


Made some changes to the requirements, please double-check them!

I can also make one

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I cannot make one. Bye, but good luck!


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what is the point…

Also this thumbnail description sounds a lot like fruity-gim’s…

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I can make one, but it does sound ridiculously similar to Fruity’s description.

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…It does…? I’m confused right now. What?
I’m not trying to copy anyone, just get a thumbnail. And I’m bad at anything other than pixel art (and even then, I edit pictures more than I create them at this point (used for Pokémon OCs)).

Gim is holding a shield…
There’s the same castle in the background…
The gim is also standing on the rocks…
Plus the sky is overcast…

It’s okay though, if you draw it in a different way.

Editing requirements, please wait…
Also, silly me, I forgot about that thumbnail XD

Edit: There. The requirements have been changed to hopefully lend some originality to it.

And I didn’t say the same castle, just that there’s a castle in the background. Non-descript.

nice improvement.
But that sounds like a pain to draw (at least for me).

I already have a request to get to, so I might not do this one.

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Working on it. Some things can be left out, too. I’m not real picky, as long as the point gets across.

I figure it’s best if the people who are taking up the request have some creative liberties. After all, we all have different styles.

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I’m running low on replies, so I’m going to heart to show that I like/love it.
There will also be a poll in the future because I have a feeling there’s going to be some very good entries and quite honestly it’s going to be hard to choose one XD

Voidfluffy: Love it!! This may become basis for Hidden Land #2, Land of the Cursed (I don’t have a name for it yet, and I don’t wanna call it Ikana because of Majora’s Mask already using that as a region name).
Sad: Wow! I love this spin on it! This may end up being Hidden Land #1. I love it!
Targaryen1387: I love the font! Also, the GIM’s expression is so good!

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Great thumbnail! Halloween resonates with this fine treasure!


I finished,

Do you want me to change anything?


Nope! Looks great (See above)

Here is my finished thumbnail!