Thumbnail Request (Platformer)

Does anyone have any ideas for what I should make as my thumbnail for my platforming game?

didn’t i give you one?

@Gimkit4 I’m looking for more ideas

okay then Average bro

im not, the 20 character limit is not making me type "okay then "

oops my bad sorry man

could you give me a description of your thumbnail wants, and/or your game basis?

It’s a 5 stage platformer that has a boss at the end.

What if you divide it into sections of all the different levels?
l l l l l
Like that

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Also it’s name is Ultimate Gimkit Parkour
I forget the name thanks for me reminding me @Gimkit4

so a mini thumbnail for each stage?

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your welcome, i thought it was a different game

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I could make a sketch

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i mean i guess so

O i get it. The main picture is gonna have splits from the levels

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each level is gonna be 1/5 of the pic

yea that’s pretty much right

Goofy little sketch


okay after it’s polished, it gonna look great

I’m kinda looking for more detail thou.