Thumbnail request (hide and seek)

If someone has a hide and seek thumbnail email it to me at

Please edit the personal information out of your topic.

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  1. You need more details.
  2. That email shows your full legal name.
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noted… make sure your doors are locked


That is my default email for some reason and also I do not know of any more details but anyway try to make a good thumbnail for my hide and seek map

oh god. your too late, tobias.

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But we need the DETAILS for what you want

I very much agree :supervillain:


In a spaceship
Gims placed around
One gim with red eyes (that is the seeker)


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That does not help with my post…

How do you know that’s his/her name my email just is randomness

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That also doesn’t help with the post…

I need a good thumbnail for ultimate hide and seek
Details in post 7 or 8

How do you know that it is my personal information instead of a weird scramble or words @twofoursixeight

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You’ve been a member since the October of 23. You should know that personal information is not allowed in public posts.

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Thank you @SUS1 for saying that my email was random. Because it WAS

I will ping some artists for you @Tobias7454744745

Thank you @BMW23 I hate 20 character limit by the way