Thumbnail Request (For my game)

I made this thumbnail, but I want a hand-drawn one, digitally. Can anyone help?
I want it similar to the one I made.


there is already a game called gimnite on discovery

ik, i had to differ it a bit by adding the FFA (ive been working on this since the creative game maker came out)

welcome to the forums @migue

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This is mine:

Also welcome to the forums @migue I suggest reading the FAQ to learn the rules

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you have some goofy lines there

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Yes I do
I can’t really fix them because I make the outlines and fill them up with pixel fill in

thank you :slight_smile: ill think about using it!

Np happy to help
But yeah if you want a really good thumbnail you should ask Kat_aronii or M1dnight

oh ok! thank you for the suggestion @THEHACKER120

you could also ask I_Like_Props

i did m1dnights tut and made a much better thumbnail

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