Thumbnail Request For my Game

Hi, I need a thumbnail for my platforming game. On the thumbnail I would like some characters jumping from platform to platform.
If you make it, then I will give credit to my map.

I can try to make one.

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ok thank you very much!

u stole that i think

the gims in mid air, @Jonah?

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it did look like one

Do you want any gims in particular?

I can do it for you!
I use adobe photoshop for making thumbnails.
It might take a day or so because of school.
Also I need more detail

Work I've done

no not really just make like 3 or 4 gims

I can do one making one rn

What is the name of the game?
The name would help.

@Jonah here:


Ultimate Gimkit parkour

nice! but i will look for a couple more to see if anyone else can make a thumbnail


Its weird seeing you on the forums

This work?


I think you should make the text lighter but it’s not up to me! @MirMirCreates

Alright I finished,

Sorry, it’s not my best.

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There should definitely be a bear gim it looks amazing