Thumbnail Request For me

Its a mini game that has capture the flag,haunted house, escape room, maze, box fight and a race.

I cant help cause I am bad at thumbnails but I just wanna point out
“Gyatt wars” you sure you over 13?
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i will earase the gyatt wars

um hello anyone there

What does “If you are” mean?

I wasnt sure if he was over 13 because I do not know anyone over 13 who doesnt hate on the new slang. And he said “gyatt wars” was in his game. If he is younger than 13 technically hes underage and not meant to be here. So i was saying that if he is over 13 welcome.
(idk i havent slept for like 4 days and my brain aint brainin)



@Bobby9 i can’t help you if you don’t give me details

So the escape room, you have to escape from your dad. In the haunted house, you are dreaming and you have to get out or you will never wake up again. Capture the flag is red versus blue. The Box Fight is in a room with offices. The maze is kind of like a labyrinth. And the race is through a dungeon.