Thumbnail Request for GKC map

I need a thumbnail for my Super Smash Gims map. I need it cartoonish and not too realistic, if you can, try and make it look like the Super Smash Bros. Thumbnail. No specific gims. Thanks!

(please make in digital art and not handdrawn)

hi i just did someone a favor for that!
Need help it’s digital! :slight_smile:


The only wat to contact you is by email! :wink:

I can’t do good thumbnails, but my friend can try if he’s online @GlM

@DDerryberry I finished it let me know I you need anything else.
Screenshot 2024-04-17 5.24.06 PM

Could you making them kind of like falling like this:

Just @ me if you need anything else
Screenshot 2024-04-17 5.34.48 PM

I’ll try I guess. It may take a while though

i can add more gims and make them smaller

Can you replace them with their running counter parts (and keep the falling bit too) so they look like their falling @That_One_Gimkit_Guy

add them holding a blaster too. @That_One_Gimkit_Guy

Bump, I haven’t seen anyone in a bit…

well they went offline

and you haven’t given any critiques to mine

probably because the other one is way better

but anyway, im online if you want me to work on the one i made?

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I love it! can you add more gims and make them looking like their falling

yeah sure!

Hey @LlamaLady22 Just a question, are you done yet?

@DDerryberry Sorry I was offline. if you want me at all just @ me
Screenshot 2024-04-17 8.07.11 PM

I wanted you to make them look like their falling by replacing with their running counter parts and make them hold a blaster

Barley any have running counter parts. I’ll see what I can do though