Thumbnail request for gimnite

Hello world! :earth_americas: Today I need a thumbnail for gimnite- a version of Fortnite, a really popular game! So with no later due, let’s get to the details!
:trophy:3 gims
:trophy:One hiding behind a boulder (that gim is day one)
:trophy:Day One is holding a evil eye
:trophy:A gim parachuting from the battle bus (that gim is the Josh gim)
:trophy:The Josh gim has a quantum portal
:trophy:The last gim is The blueprint gim
:trophy:The blueprint gim is blasting a crate with a blaster
:trophy:Pieces of wood are flying in the air from the crate
:trophy:The backdrop is cloudy night with mountains
:trophy:Big text that says gimnite
If there are more details I will include them

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do you want it hand drawn

I could do everything except:

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Digital or hand drawn is fine @ian990789

ok i’ll get to work @Tobias7454744745

Alright @ian990789 please do

I’ll be back sometime on the 21st june

Still work on thumbnails!

@Tobias7454744745 just so you know you might not like it

I can make a thumbnail!
My previous work is in my Canva.
:first_quarter_moon: :new_moon: :last_quarter_moon:

I’ll make one…
if I can

ok i warned you

for @Tobias7454744745 only

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Good job but I wanna see what @VoidFluffy can do

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@VoidFluffy Make me a thumbnail

Don’t order VoidFluffy around. It’s her choice to make one.


Oh sorry :disappointed:

Never mind, I probably can’t make one.
Schoolwork is running crazy

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:tada: :sparkles: CONGRATS ON REGULAR!!! :tada: :sparkles:
I know you’ve been complaining that you haven’t gotten it


yo I didn’t even notice. CONGRATS, FLUFFY : D


Yay another :sparkles: regular :sparkles:!
Also call her ‘fluffy’ like it says in her bio.

I think props might have vandalized it a bit. . . unless that’s a joke