Thumbnail request for a tycoon


Hi Lando_1 (Again)
Sadly due to a community decision/rule (i dont know tbh)
thumbnails are not allowed. You have to go to a padlet or the wix.
Please mark a solution.

Thumbnail request are generally frowned upon the community.
I suggest you mark a solution.
I’m sorry, but I don’t want you to get flagged.

why tho, its not a official rule

Its like Build-pleasse said. They are frowned upon.
It technically creates clutter.

Edit: The gimkit doc got deleted. Wasnt being used.

dang, rq, why did my access get removed from the gimkit doc?

If you don’t want trouble, try deleting the topic.

hi lando 1, if you want to ask for thumbnail request go to the wix gimkit site here:

It’s not an official rule, but a large portion of the community is against them. Please listen if you do not want to get flagged.

the wix and padlet both got blocked for me:/

that’s why I’m asking here

Generally you will get lucky if this is only moved to Devices.

then just delete this topic.

Try using Photopea to make thumbnails. Go to a tutorial.
(I’m kind of surprised that a Regular isn’t here already)

Thumbnail requests are not related to building in GKC.

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you can also use canva, thats how i made my chasebots thumbnail

Canva and photopea are all blocked

@lando_1 I looked at your profile and saw multiple thumbnail requests that the community told you they are not allowed. Please stop trying to make them.

I’ma just take someone elses I find on here then and use that

This issue has been solved. We all probably want to stop replying so this doesnt get bumped.

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