Thumbnail Request - Dimension Of Delusion

Name: Dimension of Delusion
Gims: A half black, half white gim. He looks a bit dizzy…
Background: Illusions and dizzying colours. Go crazy.

Don’t spend too much time on it. It will be compared to the above.

Also let’s not get off topic like the WickerGim Accident lol

some cats


i’m not making a thumbnail but i do have an idea for the plot [1]


you hit your head and it goes dark
you get stranded in a medieval place called “the kingdom of gimland” with no food or water and you start to get more insane over time and start to hear voices
you fight medieval monsters in the castle
you fall in a pit and hit your head again and you realize you’re in your bedroom

this is just a suggestion btw, its okay if you don’t do it (also cookie :cookie:)

i think there’s a black and white gim called duality and it represents the yin and yang

  1. the game is medieval themed ↩︎


its me! I mean uh uh uh uh

I can do this, sure.

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I’d be happy to help once I finish my take on my thumbnail for The Legend of Gim: Hidden Lands!

I can make this, definitely.
My previous work is in here: :first_quarter_moon: :new_moon: :last_quarter_moon:

so is the thumbnail not the thumbnail you will use?

Oh my God COOKIE RUSH WHY THE HECK DID YOU NOT TELL ME THAT NAME?! I could have known that for something

Wait a minute??! That’s Solar’s thum??

No, I haven’t even started mine yet!

Look at @VoidFluffy’s art gallery

I know that’s not yours (this is cluttering this up I’ll be in Dev)(I think that hi0_0’s Gim is probably Doge)

The scribbles were so painful to do ahh T-T


Good Jobs (XP up Sm)

(Another Battle Cats reference.)