Thumbnail request chasing spirits

The title is chasing spirits
This is what has been released


The lore that is unreleased

The obagati (spirits of nature)
they turn and Chang the season with their
continues running. But when they stop so does the season
Stops with them

I can’t help, but ENCOURAGEMENT for good idea and BUMP for more activity

I can make one!
I can tell this is going to be a really fun game.
Iove the props arrangement and the vending machine thing! Super creative!
(make sure to use varied fonts tho!)

here you go! hope you can release a new update soon!


Thanks you (20 characters)


Is there a way that you can put by Lww and Coleslaw?

Sure! Ill do that later today.

And little smaller

Thank you

FYI, you can put letters in between < > to make them invisible.


Oh I didn’t know that

We have mad the map much larger compared to when I made this post

I forgot to crop them

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