Thumbnail Request (chars)

After 5 months of work, the game’s finally done.

But i’m a bad art designer. I’m not good at designing thumbnails since i never tried art before. So, i’m asking for people to make thumbnails, then i’ll just ask my siblings to rate which one is the best. The one my siblings like will be chosen.

Here’s some help to make it easier:

Note that i won’t be active due to school. I’ll be back after school, and i’ll see the thumbnails.

Notice: Sorry, but thumbnails are now closed.

Edit: Made a mistake on the poll. Please only vote 1 OPTION. Doing more options will make your vote ignored.

Which thumbnail do you think is best?
  • SR-71Blackbird’s submission (post 12)
  • Random_dude123’s submission (post 64)
  • M1dnight’s submission (post 74)
  • I_Like_Props’s submission (post 75)
  • THEHACKER120’s submission (post 85)
  • Claire_B’s submission (post 96)
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Sorry if your thumbnail isn’t listed. This is because your thumbnail may still be in WIP or something else happened.



I can do it!
just give me more information

You’re basically stuck with your siblings (players), so you just fight them for funsies. There is some lore, but i can’t tell you that.

Not trying to annoy you but, can you tell me what the thumbnail will look like?

It could be like a guy next to another guy shooting a snowball ex.

My work:

Some Gims (two of them jumping on sofa with zappers) on the living room. Sorry if this is short.

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Okay I can try to do so, thank you for updating

hey so what thing does he want

here we go.

Might wanna delete the background on those gims I think…

gotcha let me do this.

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I have to go now bye!

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whats the name of your game

imma put it on the thumbnail

mine so far

I just need like a title or something


What is the game called because I done the thumbnail I just need a name

@FersionSpeedy If you give me the name, what happens in the game I can come up with a really good thumbnail (let me know if you want it handdrawn those take longer :wink: )

Here we are!
rate 1-10

Also It says not finished because you did not give me the title.


does anyone know what this game is about so I an create a thumbnail?