Thumbnail request (among us crashed airship)

Hi guys it is me @Tobias7454744745 again today my thumbnail request is among us crashed airship details:
:orange_circle:Gims running around in a spaceship
:orange_circle:There is a space door
:orange_circle:A gim with red eyes is going out that door (that is the impostor)
:orange_circle:There are windows
:orange_circle:It is daytime
:orange_circle:the terrain outside is grass
If there are more details I will post about it

You CAN just edit the reply.

Well I do not want to edit it

BUMP (Non-canon)
C’mon, we need thumbnails for this lad.

the thumbnail requirements make this hard to do…
but maybe i could give u some websites for you to use to make a thumbnail?

I don’t make thumbnails. I need someone to do it