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Hello everybody! Can you guys rate how good my thumbnail is? Please nobody take this thumbnail. I made it myself and I worked hard, this is for my FNAA game.

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Also can I be honest on my opinion?

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Yes of course I accept all critsm

Honestly, it’s alright. It’s pretty good though, so 8/10. It’s like Ok, but it’s pretty simple.

How good?
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ehhh maybe 7/10 now it’s a bit plain but nice thumbnail tho.

I love it. 5 out of 5 stars. (:slight_smile:

Thanks everybody! I appreciate your honesty

Ok alright.
What you could add:
The background is bland maybe make it less blander?
Possible eyebrows on the Gims it looks like their just standing there.
Was the background on the name intentional? Might wanna edit that out if not.
Overall rating 5.5/10 :smile: nicely done though

I didn’t want to add anything from the real game because it would spoil it

maybe make the gap less smaller, like there’s too much gap its too big

maybe make it darker and they have flashlights to show the name with a ozi in the background as the animatronic

But thank you anyways!

it’s good :+1:
only thing I would suggest is making it fit the aspect ratio

Ok thank you for the advice!

uh, in july and may, kyro did this and it was considered off-topic. july was incredibly off-topic, and so if something like that was considered off-topic even back then, we should probably not do these in the future. thanks.

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