Thumbnail Please (Peril Mountain)

So, I’m making a game called Peril Mountain, you have to climb a mountain to rescue your friends and defeat the Cursed along the way, but I am not good at art and need a thumbnail. Can somebody make me a thumbnail of a Vortex Agent firing a Zapper at a Cursed (like from snowy survival)? The background can just be black, and I don’t want a title (no name either).

I made another topic (same question) but the picture wouldn’t load; said uploading for 21 hours. Nobody was on that so I made this topic instead.

Please help :frowning: … I need that thumbnail

It seems that no artists are currently online, and if they are; they’re working on someone else’s thumbnail, so the only thing you can really do is just wait.

Actually, I am online. It’s just that I’m kinda lazy to make a thumbnail.

yes i consider myself a fabulous artist

you thought there was something important here didn’t you


oh thats fine. I have mine now,