Thumbnail of FNAG title page can you help 🫵

can plz I need it so bad.

you cant post thumbnails anymore sadly, please deleted this because your going to get flagged

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i can because it let me

use the padlet or the wix

i cant because it wont let me

find a way to ask them, you just cant ask here, I got flammed for asking couple times

it wont let delete the topic

mark this as a solution

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it ant working at all.

You cannot delete a topic after someone replies to it. The only way to do it after is by marking a solution, and 3 hours after the topic’s last reply it closes.

Do not tell someone to mark a certain post as a solution. @Doctor marks the most helpful post as a solution.

I didn’t mean it like mark this post, I meant mark this whole topic as a solution

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