Thumbnail never works with any picture

Is it always like this and the thumbnail doesn’t work when trying to publish something.

Is the thumbnail file a .JPG or a .JPEG? If not, then it wont work.

It is and it does not work even when I change it to jpg

Can you show screenshots of the Bug?

Oh give me one sec pls

What do I need to show you a secreenshot of

It’s outlined with a red line

Thats been known for a long time. If u just press publish with the selected picture, it should work


Really, while I’m not ready yet but if I hit publish when I’m ready it should work?

yes, it should last time I checked. Search it up if discovery after a little bit to see if it’s there.

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Thank you so much for the solution now I can upload my custom logo I made!

No problem, if the problem continues then come back here. i’m happy to help!

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