Thumbnail needed 💫

I’m in need of a thumbnail for my game

Name of Game: The Heavenly Tower
Creator Name: Jeongguk
Thumbnail Creator: [insert-name]
Gameplay Details: Progress through the challenges of The Heavenly Tower

Edit: You can make it unique, in your own way!

Edit #2: Just in case if you need to know what Gims to put in the thumbnail… Please put in Blueprint Gim

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Great! What Gims do you want in the thumbnail.

The blueprint gim, please

Ok, got it!

I can try… I don’t know what you mean by “challenges”, though.

This isn’t the best i’ve done, but here ya go!


That’s good do you want a drawn one or a digital one?

aww, its so cute! I think its great! :smile:


Thanks! I did better though before. :grin:

It looks wonderful! I’ll put it on in a few days, in the meantime, I’ll still allow people to submit their thumbnails

Thank you! There are still better ones out there so be on the look out.

Sheesh, thumbnail request count go brr

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indeed :skull:

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Here it is- not my best art, but I tried never the less.


Hey… That’s actually pretty good!

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you got it bro

“Not my best art” Are you kidding? You probably cranked out amazing art if you think this isn’t your best. Keep up the great work.


thank youuu! save the praise for yourself!! you’re also super good! :sob:


either is fine.eeeeeee

hey can you make me a drawing the game called craft wars i would like a gimkit crafting table with someone crafting on it another person with a blaster blasting the person crafting