Thumbnail needed!

I just wanted to ask for a thumbnail for my map. My map is a mini game arcade, called The Gimkit Arcade. In the thumbnail I would like to have multiple gims playing arcades, along with a view of space out of a window behind them. Thank you very much, everyone.

That got shut down…

Wait really? Sorry, I didn’t know…

I can do it for you!

Some of my work

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I got jeff to unlock it once do you think I should ask again?

Wow, looks great. That’d be awesome @Random_dude123. Thank you so much!

First, you should probably get him to clear the flags. Even if it gets unlocked again the flags will make the system shut it down… again T-T

yeah I asked him once and then it gets flagged again when I’m not even online

Here is your new thumbnail!


mark this as a solution please :slight_smile:

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