Thumbnail Needed for PVP

Can anyone help me with thumbnails? I’m sorry, but i do not know how to make any thumbnails. It has to be appropriate and nothing immature.

um I think I might be able to make u one.

Can you give me a name of the game and what you want in the thumbnail like any ideas

Sorry, art is only for guides.

My game name is “Call of Gimkit”.

But i need thumbnails.

ok I’m on it might take a wile

Thank you for making the thumbnail Silver.

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Its more like thanks for giving me something exiting to do!!!

What app do you use? @Silver

Me and M13 use pixlr

ok, thanks for information

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glad to help!!!<<<<<<

Hay @MattTheDoge are u going to use my thumbnail let me now

I don’t think guns should be in thumbnails.
Also I think the palate should be horizontal

I can do it for you!
Just give me more detail
I use adobe photoshop
The thumbnail could take up to a day because of school.

Work I've done

I don’t think guns are allowed even in thumbnails, pls edit that out

@Silver , Replace guns with Zapper or some other gimkit gadget

o um I’m new hair thanks for telling me I didn’t know I will definitely remove the guns