Thumbnail image ideas

I am going to make a hide n seek map, and i would need some ideas for it because i do not know what it should look like.

Thumbnail ideas? Or the map itself ideas?

Thumbnail ideas to answer your question @THEHACKER120

why are you doing this, your just causing problems for the coumminty you could have just emailed the mods in the first place

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you know what not a bad rap but the only way your getting yourself out of this whirlpool now is lots of applogizing and keeping a really staright line

dang i got a photo of this post becuase i knew it was going to be flagged ill keep it but revenge should have not been your answer, you should have tried to consoult with people and be forgiving

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scoffs honestly I feel like this is less revenge more for fun. like people who think they matter more than the 100+ people on the forums would be forgiving.


I’'ll make one! I need more info tho.
What gims:
What the gims are doing:
Where the gims are:

for lostsea

I’m too curious… What was it?

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well i have been unable to see all there post becuase they were flagged but, idk wherter revenge or trying to cause chaos its all with ill intent and a minor nuciance to peoples day, yes people here can forgive


I will forgive him, if he turns from his ways. redemption chance here!

they suck (jk i love just rtying to get banned)

this guy is enjoying this tho

yes i agree but i belive they might be muted becuase theres nothing to find now

If you want to make one, here is the info:
the gims don’t matter, and they can random, add as many as you want!
what the gims are doing might be a little more complicated one for me to answer. Since it is a hide and seek game, maybe 1 or 2 gims could be hiding and there are other gims holding quantum portals (seekers) to try to look for them. That is a suggestion.
where the gims are: there are a lot of locations that will be added shortly into my map, but it doesn’t really matter where the gims are either. If you decide to add a biome or location that I haven’t added yet, than its fine, if you choose something I have already added, I will either let it be or I will expand it and make it better just in case :slight_smile:
emotions: i haven’t really loooked or paid attention to thumbnails before, so do you mean the emotions of the gims? If you do, then probably make look kind of mad or desperate, otherwise you can tell me what you mean
title: I thought about it, then i decided to see if my title has been used yet and it hasn’t! So the title is “Hide n’ Seek: Overpower” not to be mistaken with “Overpowered”.
If that is all the info you need, then great! If you can make one I would appreciate it. I have seen other thumbnail conversations you have been involved with and you are kind so at least thank you for being kind : )

Yep that’s all I need! And you’re right, the emotions are the gims.
1:10 rn…

What do you have in the map? Please be more specific.

lost its straight* good try

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