Thumbnail help (will post poll on Friday of next week)

I’m back here again, and this time for a Soccer (or football) game! It is called no fair play, and it is a Soccer (or football) game where there are no rules! I mean, no rules; you can tackle, blast, and knock out anybody in sight (including teammates GULP). There will be power-ups you can collect as well with multiple wacky and strange maps. what I would want is cocoa chasing a ball with a blaster while being chased by Chompz costume and Stache, with a city background and the floor being a parking lot

I’ll make it on Monday so… yeah

Ok, I will be awaiting it (I’m exited to see what people cook up!)

@lonewolf0230 I need your help with my thumbnail, it just needs some things. PLSSSSSSS

Almost finished with mine

@Coffee , should I put “by Coffee”, or would you like to go by another name?

Finished with mine (I can change it if you want to go by a different name)!
I know it’s not exactly what you posted you wanted, but I went unique.

do that on your help post, not coffee’s.

I hope @Coffee comes back :[

I did, but no one came. I don’t want to post the same thing again and again, that would be idiotic of me. I’m just trying to take the initiative.

I love it! (note, the one that wins the vote will be the primary thumbnail, but they will be rotaed in and put from time to time)

Anything you want me to add?

Can you make the text colored (The No red, the Fair yellow, and the Play green)

Anything else?

nope, this is perfect! (same thing, the winner of the poll will be the main thumbnail, but they will be switched out periodically so all the thumbnails will be used)

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Do you want to go by a different name or is coffee fine?

No, the name coffee is fine (I don’t got another username to go by)

this’ll be my last thumbnail before i leave (temporaroly

i wanna put a power up in mine, how do they look like

Screenshot 2024-04-22 6.30.02 PM