Thumbnail Help. Sorry for taking so long to post!

My game is a dungeon crawler game and it’s called “Dungeon Clash”
Some context: This game takes place in the lost realms, a place literally in the middle of all the realms. (Realms=Universes) It is basically a realm itself, but it is seperated into pieces. Basically a somewhat broken realm. The different parts of the realm are either dungeons or safehouses. The game only shows one safehouse, (Spawn point) 4 dungeons, and a boss lair. they are all pieces of the reality, and the people in the reality, (Including the players(you) and the NPC’s), are trying to keep the parts of the reality that they can together.
Here are some images:

I want the thumbnail to be the Gim, “Sirath” looking at a dungeon diagonally below, (Don’t care what the dungeon looks like, as long as it’s medieval and looks decent) standing off of a piece of land floating the middle of space. Kind of like Fortnite, but different. @DXCTYPE you don’t have to do this immidiately, and I don’t expect you to finish immidiately either. There’s no required time I want you to finish this, and if you have any questions, ask away!
Ps. I may have spelt a lot of words wrong.

Onedrive can’t intervene, but it still decides to underline everything?! :sob::sob::sob:
Also, as a “New user” (Which I am not!!!) I can only have one picture on here.:rage:

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This goes in the art category.

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sorry, they must have changed that about the forums. Haven’t been on much.
Edit: I haven’t seen a lot of people on that I used to see anymore.

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OOOOOOOO AN INTERESTING CONCEPT THAT I ACTUALLY CAN DO!!! cough but yeah I’m making a thumbnail for this!


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wait hol’ up your still a new user even tho u joined in December??

Sorry for taking so long to reply, but yes, for some reason, they locked me to new user. I can’t grind. I honestly don’t know why… I was a regular though. Read my bio for more info if you want.

Let’s get back on topic. Can you make the thumbnail I described in the post?


Thank you so much! I see a few problems though. Not trying to be mean though. I also think I should have clarified a bit more on the subject… Anyways, here’s what I see that needs to be improved, and I’m going to quote stuff from my instructions to do so:
Gimkit screenshot 1
This shows space, and even though I didn’t clarify it, I will see if I can edit my post to do so. Anyways, I should have said that the pieces of the reality are in the middle of space, and there is no sky, so you can see each piece based off of your elevation. Also, I was hoping that the dungeon would be more detailed, because there is no roof of the dungeon. The dungeon is old and destroyed, but the walls in the game still show them up. :no_mouth: I just realized I will have to update that in the game next season. Anyways, It’s not supposed to be a castle, but instead more of some ruins. But other than that, I think you did a great job! Now I’m going to see if I can still edit my post…

I think i might re-do the whole thumbnail lol
My art skills are rusty enough because i took a loooooooooooong break

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It’s ok, I also didn’t clarify well enough. You did good though!

Btw, the forums have changed… The thumbnail requests used to be in the help section. I guess that has changed. Just like the people on the forums have come and go. I remember wolftechnology Torontobulls, Here_to_help, Caternaught, Blizzy, Gimsolver, and foxy… They all left😭 Anyways, sorry for being off topic. I’m going to put this in my bio. I’m going to go back on topic now.

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Back on topic…

Here’s the sketch of le’ new one. You good w/ it??

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It looks great! Just one thing to remember,

the BG isn’t shown in the sketch, but’s its space. Look in the right hand corner and you’ll find a very confused space cat :] (it won’t stay unless you want it to)

Sorry for taking so long, I was editing my bio. Anyways, I saw a moon. If it’s an asteroid, that’s fine. Also, I’m perfectly fine if the cat’s in there!

Caternaught is probably implied in the sketch
They were probably wondering how they got from the forums to the cold reaches of outer space


Thanks. I have been here since december, and they probably left after I left. :pensive: Anyways, back on topic.

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So if it’s in space, shouldn’t the dungeon be a little dark outside?
Sirath will need a torch.
The cat might need to be more noticeable, as it is implied as a joke.
Uhh maybe Sirath might look grim because he knows that he has to explore it, and time is limited because the moon/asteroid will crash?
The thumbnail looks good otherwise


Advice taken!!

NOOOOO I have no will to make it.