Thumbnail help required

I need help with a thumbnail for a golf gimkit I am hoping to finish, and I’m not super artsy and don’t have the time. If there are multiple thumbnails I will do a poll later.
I want:
A gim with a golf stick
A golf ball about to fall in the hole
The flag above the hole
a pretty backround(trees and a sunset, for example)
Any of the gims that aren’t seasonal, like Halloween or anything(I would like it if anyone could do the riff gim


Sure I can do that! When do u need it?

By tomorrow would be best, but whatever works best for you!


Ok I could finish today.


@Random_dude123 he’s good at making those

Thank you for tagging me.
I can try to work on this

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@Random_dude123 is a good thumbnail creator you could ask him

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@Random_dude123 got’s a thumbnail rep

I hear you need a thumbnail?
I can try to do this, after I finish another one for somebody else I can try to put you on priority.

Some of my work:

Im already doing it atm

Is this ok, @HP7divergent46THG12 ?

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I like it, but I have a few suggestions.
do you think you could make the grass a little lighter and greener?
could you put my name on it?
could you change the font to chalkduster (if available)?

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Ok what’s the name of the game? Is it Gimkit Golf?

I think the name should be Golf Garden: a gimkit game
I would like there to be a little bit of greenery and flowers and the “a gimkit game” part to be all lowercase and beneath the “Golf Garden” part
btw I will credit you in the games description
thanks so much!


Your welcome! I’m here to help.

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I don’t have a chalkduster, do u have another font you like?

I like chakra petch, noteworthy, and Academy Engraved LET
if you don’t have any of those lmk

Is this good?


I love it!
but could you take away the colon and instead underline the"Golf Garden" part, and put the “a gimkit game” part under it? thx a lot

ohh right sorry